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7.11.09 - Our Wedding Day
{Disclaimer: Before you start reading this I'm going to warn you that you may want to get a barf bucket handy because things are about to get disgustingly corny.}

When trying to describe what this blog is all about there really is no way around saying how special we think our relationship is. Justin and I met at pretty much the perfect time in our lives and I truly believe if it had been even a few months before or after we would never have become "us". It was extraordinary the way that things just conveniently all fell into place for us; as if God knew we would be too stupid to go for anything requiring even the least bit of effort. With such an easy and fun relationship we both didn't even notice the changes going on in ourselves. Not only were we falling for each other at the perfect pace for our scardey butt selves to not run away, but we were starting to change as individuals. We were becoming better people.

When Justin and I became "us", it was like the effect in that awesome picture from our wedding above. The skies opened up and our whole worlds shifted (attn- you have just reached the climax of the ridiculous corny-ness). Its undeniable that we make each other better, and the things we do together are all that more special because of it. That's what this blog is about; two people that are insanely in love and how everything that they do is infused with a sense of love and playfulness that can only be achieved because they are together. 

We hope for this to be a fun collection of our everyday lives following our adventures through home ownership, times with our hilarious friends, our four legged children that we love so so much, and some of the random things that maybe only we find funny. Most of all, though, this blog is going to be about the single greatest bit of love to come from us so far: our baby boy Tyson Brown that we will welcome this August.

Thanks for following along with us and we hope these stories can bring you a little extra love and happiness even when we can't be right there with you. 

Much love from Clarksville,