our home

Our Home - Taken when we bought it in May 2008

Justin and I bought our house before we were even engaged (cue all the church ladies gasping), and at the time we were pretty naive about how much work owning a home can be. There have been days when we curse the never ending repairs or our uneven, rocky yard, but mostly we have loved this process of making our house into a home. On this page we will keep all the posts about our house organized for easy viewing and we hope to eventually have a nice little tour here to show you the current state of where we are as we continue to change and redecorate our home.

So since all that will obviously take time as we build our home tour posts, for now we'll leave you with a quick view of the house from the outside and of us the day we bought it... that was such a fun day!

May 2008 - The day we closed on our first home!