Monday, August 15, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 39 Weeks

We are hoping this is the week y'all! Things are a changin and I am feeling like little Tyson is closer than ever to being ready. We are really hoping for Thursday since that is that day our doctor is on call (she is a badass and we reeeeeeally want her instead of some stranger). Wish us luck!!!

I always think I'm giving a big smile when Justin is saying his typical "give me a cheerleader smile" but its obviously not big enough... I look so tired!!! Good thing is I honestly don't feel as bad as I look so that's something to be happy about :) Moving on...  

How far along: 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: a little over 23 lbs. gained. This is the same as the last two weeks so it seems I may be done gaining for now! Woohoo!
Maternity clothes: Even my jeans seem to hurt when I wear them... almost as if they are putting a ton of pressure on Tyson. I swear he got pissed off today when he kicked me about 8 times in row really hard. Seems like he has a temper like his Momma!
Stretch marks: Still none!
Sleep: I've woken up with some contractions a few times and it is still really difficult to roll over and get out of bed but overall my sleep is pretty decent. I'm happy with it!
Best moment this week: Justin and I had a great couple lazy days together this last weekend and it was the highlight of the week for sure! We stayed in bed until 11:00 both days and just did light errands and hung out together during the daytime. Saturday night we watched two movies in a row that ended at midnight and we joked how late it was and had a good time remembering the days when 11 or midnight was when we would leave the house to start our nights out. Then Sunday night we had a bonfire in our backyard just the two of us and had an absolute blast! We kept commenting on how our ideas of fun has changed so much and we just truly enjoyed being outside in our own yard relaxing with each other... All in all it was the most perfect and simple weekend and we drank up the stillness that we have right now in our lives. It's all about to change!
Movement: Like I mentioned above it seems like Tyson is getting a bit of an attitude with his kicking. I think he is cranky and ready to come out... at least I hope so!
Food cravings: Dr. Pepper is my jam.
Food aversions: Still just picky, but nothing in particular.
Labor Signs: I actually had some real contractions on Saturday night. They didn't hurt bad at all but they were definitely more than just Braxton Hicks. My mom says this means I might be dilating!!! Woop woop!
Belly Button in or out? In for good!
What I miss: Drinking a beer or four with my hubby.
What I am looking forward to: We are really looking forward to our OB appt. this Thursday! If I am dilated enough there is some special trick our OB can do to bring on labor... so we are hoping for this and would love him to come Thursday night or Friday morning. Wishful thinking!
Weekly Wisdom:Walk walk walk walk walk... I reeeeeally wish I had been more active during this pregnancy. Since I've started walking again I am realizing how out of shape I am. Ooops!
Milestones: Justin was pretty bummed after our appointment last week when we were told I wasn't dilated whatsoever. He had been SUPER excited for the last month and I guess he had just hit his breaking point and he was crushed that he was going to have to wait even longer. He has evened out though and now we are both just in this really good place of waiting happily for our little guy. We cannot wait to meet him but we know it'll all happen when its supposed to happen. It's all good mojo in the Wohlford home right now :)

Here are two more bump pictures from our weekend! The pool picture was taken at our friend's daughter's fourth birthday party at their neighborhood pool and the fire one was from our bonfire Sunday night. Both are great memories!

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