Tuesday, August 2, 2011

tyson's nursery tour

We are so so happy to finally show you our new favorite room in our house: Tyson's nursery! We've had an absolute blast together on this room and it truly is a labor of love on both our parts. We will eventually do some individual posts about our favorite DIY projects in the room like the painted dresser, the library wall and biggest treasure- the rocker chair. But until then we just wanted to show you how it is now, which is as done as it's gonna get before the little man arrives. So here it is: Tyson's Nursery!!!

This picture is looking from the hallway and is the best view of the room as a whole. You'll notice our colors were grays and yellows and over time blues started to play a pretty big role also. We absolutely love the color scheme... we think it is playful and young but still relaxing in a way. Did you notice those adorable little animals hanging over the crib? Those were made by my dear friend Kristen and they kind of make the whole space I think. Gotta love crafty friends!

Now let's go on in! Haha... I actually just said that out loud in the most obnoxious tour guide voice ever.... hey, let's roll with it. Walking in and looking to the right you will see this:

The first thing thing we have to talk about it the lovely chair! We found this baby at a thrift store for $25 and fell hard for her the second we saw she rocked and swiveled. We had been searching high and low for an upholstered chair for this room but everything was WAY over our budget. Like $600 over our budget. So when we saw this chair we scooped her up, granny flower fabric and all. After some new fabric, new stuffing and an angel in the form of a lady named Kitty who reupholstered the chair and ottoman for us, we were left with the most amazing chair for the room! All for about $150! We love you pretty gray chair. xoxo

(back in my tour guide voice) So along the wall behind Miss Chair you'll see that Justin built a pretty amazing little library for us to display all of Tyson's books. We would love to take credit for this idea but we actually got it here. We didn't build ours exactly like theirs, but its the same concept and they have wonderful directions to follow so if you want to make your own make sure to click on that link. We love how the books become art in a way and it brings in so much color to the room...

Another special piece of the room is the balloon lamp on the table by the chair.

This was actually a gift from Justin a couple Valentine's Days ago. Now why would Justin buy me a children's balloon lamp for Valentine's Day you ask? Well it all started when we were perusing a local antique mall for fun (that's what you do when you are poor) when I spotted this lamp. I got so excited and told Justin that this was the same lamp I had in my own nusery when I was a baby and that I absolutely loved it. He must have paid attention because a couple weeks later on Valentine's Day this was my gift. It is hands down one of the best gifts I have ever received and it got even better when we found this old picture of my grandfather holding me in my own nursery and there is that same lamp in the background! How special is that?!

Ok moving on to the closet... and if you think I am crazy for including Tyson's closet in this here tour, well, wait until you see his itty bitty clothes!!!!

Um couldn't you just die!? I wonder how long the whole hanging up of the onesies will last... Ok back to the room tour:

Here is where I get to brag a little bit... We made those curtains ourselves, and when I say "we" I mean Justin. Yes, Justin is our household seamstress... or seamster... seamsitr... whatever. Point he is can sew and he is the bomb diggity at it. Look at this hem line (is that what you call it?)-

I think they look so great and totally make the room! We bought the fabric from good ol Hancock fabrics and it was one of our first purchases for the room. Who doesn't love a good chevron pattern?

This is the little bookshelf nook that will neatly contain all of Tyson's toys and extra books as he grows up. This is enough space for all that right? I'm kidding... I hear kids have a crap ton of toys and they take over your life, but until then I am just going to plug my ears and pretend they will forever fit into these two bins. Play along ok.

Hanging above the bookshelf is a special art piece made by some great friends Krissy and Scott. Y'all didn't think we weren't fully aware of that convenient overlap between Tyson's intial and our favorite sports team did you?! Anyways, we love love love this! If you look close, it is made out of buttons!

How cool is that?! We gotta start him early. Go Vols!

What is it about a crib that can just make your heart melt? I have to admit I have stared into this little bed a little more than is probably normal but I mean look at it! I had originally thought about making my own mobile but lately I have been liking more 'baby' things and I just fell in love with these little baby animals! Blame the hormones. I ended up doing a bit of work on it though... the gray on the music box is actually a piece from a pennet banner used from one of my lovely showers thrown by my college girls! So even this has some love in it!

This is the one new thing in the entire room and we absolutely love it. It is the Baby Mod - Park Lane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib from Wal-Mart and it's reasonably priced compared to other cribs out there. We love the drawer for storage, which is where we will keep all his blankets and extra sheets.

Now on to our biggest labor of love. The dresser wall!

This sucker started out as a disgusting old 70's dresser and I literally had to give Justin a presentation with sample photos of other successful DIY projects like this to convince him to let us buy it. I knew from the beginning this would be the star of the room and although it took primer, four coats of paint AND two coats of poly it was 100% worth it. Here are some different pictures of Mr. Dresser.

We painted an old mirror we had to hang above the changing area and above that is a mosaic that was made for us by a great family friend. This dresser is so big we still have three empty drawers, but I'm sure once Tyson gets here we will have plenty of things to put in there.

So I guess that is all! All we have left to do is enjoy it and wait for our little man to get here. Even Boone is ready :)

We hope you all love the room as much as we do and I hope I didn't bore you with my lengthy descriptions of every little thing. Funny thing is I was actually holding back! Just be happy you aren't here for the in person tour; you would have to listen to my tour guide voice and pretend you are interested in the 20 different onesies I pull out to show you. It's not just me either... Justin would be right there pulling all the music box strings on the stuffed animals so you could get the full nursery experience. Can you tell we are excited?

Thanks for touring Tyson's Nursery! Come back and see us anytime! - Love, the Wohlfords :)


  1. Meg! This post almost had me in tears!!! You are the cutest ever and I know Tyson is gonna be soo lucky to have you and Justin as parents! Hope this last little bit goes by safely and smoothly!! Hope I get to met the lucky fella one day :)

  2. Great tour! I felt like I was right there with you. -Mom

  3. Linked over from Jessica's blog, and the first thing I noticed about your gorgeous nursery was the balloon lamp! I had the same one, too!!! Time to call mom and see if she still has it. I loved that lamp! Best Valentine's Day gift ever.

  4. The balloon lamp is the best! I'm glad it took you back to your childhood too!

  5. That lamp in the old photograph is identical to the one used in the film Cujo. I'm watching the movie right now and I truly believe it's your old lamp. I think i had one too when i was a baby. When i saw the lamp in the movie it just felt so familiar so i had to google it. Thanks for posting this up here. Also your dog is cute, my roommate has the same lab. :)